Achieve the Extraordinary

Unique Perspective, Clarity and Impactful Solutions

Every company and organization is different — in size, maturity, international locations, industry, mission, workforce diversity, leadership, organizational culture — to name a few. No one model fits all. This is why Culture Pivot provides custom-designed solutions based on a thorough analysis of the intricate needs of your people, business and organization.

Leaders and people in global companies and organizations often work within a business environment that is complex, dynamic and fast-changing. I offer you an alternative to larger firms. I fully adapt solutions to meet your organizational needs, whatever they may be. Culture Pivot’s high impact solutions and tools are deliberately designed to be simple, practical and easy to implement.

Global Organizational Development, Analysis & Talent Assessment

This first step will identify the  core strengths and dynamics that drive the engagement and effectiveness of your global teams and organization. My solutions will give you clarity and an in-depth  portrait of the current state of your organization. I will pinpoint the foundation to continue to build upon, and determine your organizational needs.

Choose any of the following services:

• Organizational Culture Assessment

• Company/Organizational Structure Analysis

• Talent Assessment

• Global Leadership Competency Assessment

• Human Resource Management Assessment

People Strategy Development, Program Design & Project Management

Knowing where to go next and  how you will get there is key to achieving success. While it is crucial to have a vision and a mission, you must also have a strategy and a plan for execution. I offer solutions that will provide focus and a concrete roadmap for transforming the culture of your organization. I can design,  implement and manage specific talent development programs for you.

Choose any of the following services:

• Vision, Mission & Goal  Setting

• People Strategy Formulation & Strategic Planning

• Global Talent Development Program Design

• Global Talent Development Project Management & Implementation  

• Change Management Strategy & Execution

• Program Impact Measurement  

Intercultural Leadership Development, Cross-Cultural Training & Team Building

Continuous learning and talent development is key to gaining a competitive advantage and engaging your team. Leaders and individuals working in  global settings need to have specific competencies that can only be developed through specialized programs. I offer custom designed training   and development programs  aligned to make your vision and people strategy a reality.  

Choose any of the following services:

• Cross-Cultural Training Curriculum and Program Design & Delivery

• Global Leadership Development Training Design & Delivery

• Cultural Intelligence Training Design & Delivery

• Intercultural Team Building Initiatives

• Mentoring Program Design and Implementation