Harness the Strength of Global Diversity

Achieve the Extraordinary

Visionary leaders put their people first and know their organization’s success depends on them. Whether you are the leader of a global business, the founder of a global non-profit or the human resources leader of an international company,  the people side of things can often become complex and challenging

Are you a visionary leader looking to achieve extraordinary things with your people?

I help leaders design and implement high impact people strategies and programs that create an inspiring, collaborative and inclusive organizational culture that drives innovation, performance and growth. With Culture Pivot’s solutions and my unique perspective, I will empower you to build your legacy and make your vision a reality.

Irlana Ho, culturepivotsolutions.com

Meet Irlana Ho

I believe that by helping organizations leverage diversity, we can build a more inclusive world where every individual’s uniqueness is respected, valued and embraced. For over a decade, I’ve worked in global companies in industries such as aerospace, telecommunications and fashion retail. Within these diverse business environments, I’ve enabled leaders and their teams to excel and make their mark, by helping them implement remarkable people management strategies, talent development programs and solutions. I’ve seen that when the right organizational culture is in place — a culture of true collaboration, synergy and inclusion — a diverse multicultural team can thrive and be unstoppable at achieving great things, and even the impossible.  

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High Impact Solutions that Spark and Sustain Change

Global Organizational Development, Analysis & Talent Assessment

Before deciding where to go next, it is critical to know your starting point. I can help you determine the core strengths,  intricacies, and needs of your teams and organization.

People Strategy Development, Program Design & Project Management

Get focused, and gain a clear  strategic roadmap and execution plan to make your vision a reality with simple customized frameworks, processes and tools.

Intercultural Leadership Development, Cross-Cultural Training & Team Building

Based on your organization’s specific needs and goals, I will design and deliver customized intercultural development, cross-cultural training  and team building programs and initiatives.


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